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Discrimination Statement

At EULRFC we consider our fellow members to be family, discrimination does not and should not have any place in our club. We strive to create an open and inclusive environment, a safe space for women to focus on becoming the best rugby players they can be, forming long lasting memories and friends, on and off the pitch. Sports is such an integral part of all our university experiences, and at the end of the day, we want everyone to feel safe, loved and supported. We are encouraging our members to educate themselves on [the current injustices], as well as ourselves, and will keep this family accountable and free from prejudices in all forms.

In light of this, we want to focus on the work that Black Ed Movement have been doing. Black Ed Movement are a group of Black women studying at the University of Edinburgh who have petitioned for our University to take a stand against racism. At EULRFC, we fully support the petition they created on Wednesday 3 June calling for Professor Mathieson to implement four aims set out to address racism at Edinburgh:

Aim 1: Make a statement on the main University platforms

Aim 2: Promote and establish an anti-racist culture

Aim 3: Develop a comprehensive zero-tolerance policy

Aim 4: Create and support representation initiatives.

The petition can be found at Petition · University of Edinburgh Stand Against Racism.

We encourage our members and followers to keep reading, signing and sharing the petition. By signing your name, you’re asking the University to implement policies and initiatives which will actively address racism within our Edinburgh community, and to collaborate with and listen to the writers of the petition: Black Ed Movement (@blcked_movement). As a result of their hard work, Prof. Mathieson has now invited the petition’s creators to meet and discuss further. This is certainly progress, but we want to remind him that over 7000 people are actively watching and expect him and the University to #implementandcollaborate.


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