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We have chosen to support 3 charities for the next up and coming season (2020/21). These 3 charities all mean something to us as a club and any support in our fundraising attempts throughout the year are massively appreciated.


Scottish Association for Mental Health

At EULRFC, we do our best to support every member of our club, both physically and mentally. University life can be extremely challenging and overwhelming at times, but we thrive on creating a safe, welcoming and understanding environment for all. We believe that mental health is vitally important, and through harnessing the power rugby provides, we promote a healthy body, healthy mind ethos. 

The Scottish Association for Mental Health, provides adults and young people in Scotland with mental health social care support, services in primary care, schools and further education. These services together with the See Me, Respect me, Suicide Prevention and Active living programs, work to influence positive social change. This year we have chosen SAMH as our mental wellbeing charity and look forward to promoting and supporting them throughout our fundraisers this year.


As we are a Scottish Rugby club, we decided we would like to closely support a local rugby based charity. Doddie Weir is an incredibly recognisable Scottish rugby star who revealed in 2017 then he had been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND). MND is an awful disease that affects brain and nervous cells, resulting in progressive weakness and eventual paralysis. There is currently no cure for this disease, and we would love our fundraising efforts to go towards the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation to support the important research and care they provide MND suffers. 

Check out their website for more information: 

Or follow them on Instagram: @myname5doddie



As a female sports club we feel it is vital to educate our members; not only about their health but also about their bodies. 1 in 7 women in their lifetime will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and lots of our members have personal experience of friends, family and loved ones being affected. CoppaFeel! was founded in 2009 by the Hallenga sisters (Kris and Maren), when Kris was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer aged just 22. They wanted to raise awareness of breast cancer in young people and provide a platform for educating young girls to check their boobs regularly, what to look for and when to seek medical advice. We hope our fundraising can go a small way in the fight to help catch breast cancer early and give young girls the best chance of survival. 

Check out their website for more information:

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