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Edinburgh 2s Make Dramatic Comeback Against Local Rivals Napier

After an embarrassing result in last semester’s game, the Edinburgh 2s had a lot to prove in their second league match against Napier.

After a rousing pep talk from Captain Ciorstiasfhsdg, the game started with a Napier kick off and got straight into action with two line outs in the first three minutes thanks to some excellent tackles on the wing from Jess and Raq.

Play continued to move up and down the pitch with neither team making it close to a try line until Edinburgh pushed through with a real team effort – a few slow balls from the forwards followed by massive runs from Rapid Raq and Leg-It Lily got the greens close enough to the try line to fire the ball out to the wing for Jess Mc[Redacted] to make the final sprint to the try line, dotting it down for the first try of the game midway through the first half.

The game continued in high spirits for Edinburgh, but a lack of discipline resulted in a few penalties to Napier which allowed them to get close enough to the line to make a break and get the ball over the line just before the halftime whistle, leaving it at 5-5 going into the second half.

Things got increasingly hectic in the second half, with Edinburgh putting pressure on Napier but still struggling to make an advance thanks to messy rucks resulting in regular turnovers.

Napier was tackling hard, but Eleonora was running harder and with fullback legend Georgie putting in some of her classic cover tackles to stop Napier from making another break, Edinburgh started to gain some ground. Edinburgh took a penalty in Napier’s half and after a shift from the forwards sent the ball out through the hands of the backs until it got to Leapin’ Laz Keay, who took it over the line for the second Edinburgh try. The rest of the second half saw the 2s focus on looking after the ball, and with some tight defending they kept their lead to the final whistle. Everyone put in a cracking shift, with MoM titles going to Ginny, Lily, and Laura.

The final score sat at Edinburgh 10 – 5 Napier, leaving the Magic 2s still in with a chance of winning the league!


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