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2s Defeated by Glasgow Caledonian at Peffermill

Wednesday saw the 2s take on new opponents and newly relegated team Glasgow Caledonian. The Peffermill wind was lingering as the girls stepped out onto Cameron Bank pitch but that didn't stop the home fans from coming down, including new EULRFC super fan Ian Donnelly!

A shaky start from Edinburgh meant Glasgow were able to get an early try in the first 5 minutes. With Chaz kicking deep into their half and Glasgow knocking the ball on, Edinburgh were able to start their pressure in attack. Raquel Matos was looking strong and made impressive ground for the team each time she was on the ball.

With Edinburgh unable to keep possession, it fell to winger Jess McClintick to chase down a Glasgow player that had managed to break the line. Speedster McClintick made a beautiful tackle and saved a second try from being scored! Glasgow manage to get another try after a quick penalty being taken at the 5 meter line and wasted no time to capitalize. Edinburgh fought straight back and with the ball meters away from the try line there are a couple of attempts to push through, including Naomi Rodgers taking a massive hit. Annie Mckelvey took the ball from a break down and with try line in sights she made sure the ball got over the line and got the first try for the home side.

After another try for Glasgow the score was 19-5 at half time. Nika Vonk took a blow to the face and was taken straight to hospital with a broken nose.

In the second half the penalties kept coming which made it hard for either team to pick up any momentum. Glasgow increased their lead by breaking through an unorganized Edinburgh defense. Another stand out performance from Georgie Pringle saw her stop a try from being scored in the corner with an epic tackle on the line. In the last 15 minutes Edinburgh pushed really hard in attack and Luna Conboy finnished off the awesome phase of attack by getting her first try this season!

The final score was 46-10 to Glasgow.

Despite the result, this team goes from strength to strength and the improvement from last weeks game is unprecedented.


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